Grouping output, and thicker skin

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Grouping output, and thicker skin

Postby snibgo » Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:49 pm

Grouping output, and thicker skin

For clothing, I suggest the following:

MH already splits output between the head and the rest of the body. If the user requests it, MH could further divide the body. For example, hand up to wrist, wrist up to mid-upper-arm, torso between mid-upper-arm and neck and waist, waist to upper thigh, upper thigh to ankle, and ankle to foot.

Then another option would allow any or all of these divisions to have thicker skin. Rendering software can then assign appropriate parameters to each division to give us cheap and cheerful clothing that can be animated, without the user having to do the split manually.

(See also the thread "Skeleton pierces skin".)

Better still: the user could specify the boundaries by drawing lines on the human's surface.

This might be fairly simple to add to MH. More sophisticated clothing that drapes and stretches can be left to another program -- there seems no need to incorporate this in MH. (But I wouldn't complain if it was!)
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