Problem & Solution, Ideas & suggestions (brainstorming)

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Problem & Solution, Ideas & suggestions (brainstorming)

Postby SuperCGpro » Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:09 am

(This thread was created as a possible help to the team. People can post their random problems & solution ideas here. )
Post Your problems & possible solutions Ideas here :

Form: (This is just a template / idea for the form that could be used for efficiency. Use what ever style of posting you like )

1) Problem : (include pics if necessary / possible)
2) Possible solution to the problem (almost no solution idea is too crazy).
3) Comment : (extra information you would like to add)
Example :
1) Problem : Make human zoom feature can't be paused or turned off.
2) Solution : create a Zoom on/off button at the top of the screen.
3) comment : I like the zoom feature very much. Sometimes I like to make multiple changes to the mesh while seeing the whole character. This is why I suggest a zoom on / off feature. When I want to continue, with the zoom feature enabled, I just turn it on by pressing the button at the top of the screen. When I want it off, I turn it off by pressing the button again .
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