clothes missing

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clothes missing

Postby hci-vr-unity » Tue Jan 30, 2024 3:57 pm

Hello !

Since I downloaded assets from the community tab, I can't add any clothes anymore.
Usually I can choose different clothes in Geometries > Clothes. But now the clothes list is empty (even default clothes are gone).
Other assets like hair work fine and are displayed in the list at Geometries > Hair.
My folder makehuman/v1py3/data/clothes contains a bunch of downloaded clothes but non show up in makehuman.
How does the makehuman Geometries > Clothes tab load assets from the files ? How can I fix this ?

Thamk you !
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Re: clothes missing

Postby georgetoney » Thu Feb 29, 2024 3:05 am

Hello, I think you should check the location where you have placed the downloaded clothes assets. The clothes files should be placed in the correct directory for MakeHuman to recognize and load them. In your case, the clothes should be placed in the "makehuman/v1py3/data/clothes" folder. Confirm that the downloaded clothes files are indeed in this location. minecraftle game
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Re: clothes missing

Postby punkduck » Sat Mar 02, 2024 9:01 pm


I am pretty sure that it is a bug we already fixed, but did not roll out that new (already 3 year old) version. One asset contains a letter (entered in Blender as a "tag") which is not ignored.
(we really should do a new version. we fixed a lot of other errors in between)

This was the error, I fixed ... e50f24d2aa

Last message here:


If there was no other file ... then there must be a file called Jacket01.mhclo. Take a text-editor (it is ASCII) replace that é with a normal e (not far away from top ... tags) .
I am not sure, but best to delete the mhpxy file with the same name then (it is a binary representation of that mhclo and loads faster.) ... I hope it works.

The real reason is: the system looks into cache/clothes_filecache.mhc in v1py3 folder. But the process creating this cache just fails .. so the cache-file is shorter, depending on when the process crashed. Afaik the cache is re-generated when an asset is changed, so maybe only throwing out that one letter will fix it without installing a new version (which is only available on github).

I will certainly do that different, I work on the new version. There is too much "information hiding" in old version and the reverse-engineering is all but not easy. If I really need to use sth as a filecache there will be a sqlite database, but it will always be possible to recreate that complete from scratch and errors should not disappear somewhere. To keep the file-system in sync with an own representation in some kind of cache could always create problems :roll:

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