Orphaned items in Visibility panel.

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Orphaned items in Visibility panel.

Postby Worker11811 » Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:50 am

Blender: 2.79b
MH: 1.1.0

MH character imported MH --> Blender via MHX2 plugin.

Of course, once I have imported the character, there is always some fixing up to do.
One of those fix-ups involves checking whether layers of clothing show up as intended. The easy way to do that is to use the MH/Blender "Visibility" panel, located in Blender's tool panel. Select your character's armature then click "Add Visibility." Easy peasy! ;)

After that, I wanted to rename some of the items. For instance, "High-poly" needs to be renamed "Eyes" and "Long2_Alpha7" should be renamed "Hair." Again, not difficult. Just click "Remove Visibility" in the tool panel and edit the names.

The problem comes when, after I'm done fixing everything up the way I want it to be, I reinstate the "Visibility" panel and all my characters clothes show up with their new names but the old names are still there.

Screen Shot.png

In this example, the items underlined in red have been renamed:
"Dudoc_sanda..." > "Sandals"
"Eyebrow001" > "Eyebrows"
"Eyelashes01" > "Eyelashes"
"Female_finge..." > "Fingernails"
"High-poly" > "Eyes"
"Long2_alpha7" > "Hair"
"Swimsuit_res..." > "Swimsuit"
"Teeth_base" > "Teeth"
"Toenail" > "Toenails"
"Tongue01" > "Tongue"
"Vulva2" > "Vulva"
"Westernized..." > "Dress"

As you can see, all of the original item names are still there. They do not work when you click on the check box. Nothing happens except the check mark appears/disappears.

I have tried several methods to "kill" orphans like I have done in other areas of Blender but those orphaned names STILL appear and I don't know how to get rid of them.

So, the question is... How do I get rid of these orphaned items?
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