Blender2MSFS does not export my texture

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Blender2MSFS does not export my texture

Postby eldorabraun » Fri May 07, 2021 6:54 pm


I have a simple model with a single texture file. It looks fine in Blender but when exporting the model using the Export for MSFS, I get the bin, xml and gltf file but no texture file.

As I am new to Blender, it could be that I missed a crucial step.
I use a "Diffuse BSDF" surface with "Color" an Image Texture from a 1024x1024 png file applied using UV mapping
The MSFS Material Params section has "Material Mode" set to Disabled. download gimp
I try export to the ..\texture\ folder with Selected Objects and Custom properties ticked.

Any clue what I missed?

See attached files for my settings.
blender materials.png
blender export.png
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Re: Blender2MSFS does not export my texture

Postby hh_is_op » Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:47 pm

is the file suppose to be a gltf?
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Re: Blender2MSFS does not export my texture

Postby joepal » Mon Jun 14, 2021 5:42 am

I've never even saw microsoft flight simlulator, but there seems to be a few hints in the wiki: ... ender2MSFS

glTF formats
glTF files can have three different forms: glTF binaries (.glb), glTF Embedded (.glTF) or glTF separate (.gltf + .bin + texture). For MSFS it is recommended to use the last of the three options.

Note that when using the glTF separate option, the exporter will automatically copy/convert your textures into the PNG format. If you don’t specify a directory in the “Textures” input, those textures will be generated in the same folder as your glTF model. Note that the textures folder utilises relative paths from the model file. This means you can use “../textures” as an input, which will automatically copy the textures to a MSFS conform location. That said, be aware that the relative path is NOT copied to the URI of the textures. This is a rigid requirement of the sim, but it leads to your model not being able to properly render in other glTF render engines.
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