MPFB2 - create human without helper geometry

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Re: MPFB2 - create human without helper geometry

Postby marvisb » Thu Jan 12, 2023 5:24 pm

Hi Joel,

I just tested with the GameEngine skeleton and it worked. I didn't think of trying that before -- I was using the community UEngine skeleton (they seem similar enough that GameEngine should work for me, too)

Here is the contents of the file, with the UEngine skeleton:

Code: Select all
# Written by MakeHuman 1.2.0 final
version v1.2.0
name young_woman
camera 15.0 355.0 0.2587047549188803 0.43116358421579576 -0.15202669668074123 0.9999999999999999
modifier head/head-age-decr|incr -0.594000
modifier head/head-angle-in|out 0.114000
modifier head/head-oval 0.032000
modifier head/head-round 0.114000
modifier head/head-invertedtriangular 0.810000
modifier head/head-diamond 0.051000
modifier forehead/forehead-trans-backward|forward 0.514000
modifier forehead/forehead-temple-decr|incr 0.050000
modifier eyebrows/eyebrows-trans-backward|forward 0.142000
modifier eyebrows/eyebrows-angle-down|up -0.050000
modifier eyebrows/eyebrows-trans-down|up -0.028000
modifier neck/neck-scale-horiz-decr|incr 0.486000
modifier eyes/r-eye-bag-decr|incr -0.266000
modifier eyes/r-eye-bag-in|out 0.114000
modifier eyes/r-eye-bag-height-decr|incr -0.532000
modifier eyes/r-eye-epicanthus-in|out -0.472000
modifier eyes/r-eye-eyefold-concave|convex -0.400000
modifier eyes/r-eye-eyefold-down|up 1.000000
modifier eyes/r-eye-height2-decr|incr 0.186000
modifier eyes/r-eye-push1-in|out 0.114000
modifier eyes/r-eye-scale-decr|incr -0.558000
modifier eyes/r-eye-corner1-down|up 0.392000
modifier eyes/r-eye-corner2-down|up 1.000000
modifier eyes/l-eye-bag-decr|incr -0.266000
modifier eyes/l-eye-bag-in|out 0.114000
modifier eyes/l-eye-bag-height-decr|incr -0.532000
modifier eyes/l-eye-epicanthus-in|out -0.472000
modifier eyes/l-eye-eyefold-concave|convex -0.400000
modifier eyes/l-eye-eyefold-down|up 1.000000
modifier eyes/l-eye-height2-decr|incr 0.186000
modifier eyes/l-eye-push1-in|out 0.114000
modifier eyes/l-eye-scale-decr|incr -0.558000
modifier eyes/l-eye-corner1-down|up 0.392000
modifier eyes/l-eye-corner2-down|up 1.000000
modifier nose/nose-trans-down|up 0.760000
modifier nose/nose-trans-backward|forward 0.254000
modifier nose/nose-nostrils-width-decr|incr -0.430000
modifier nose/nose-compression-compress|uncompress -0.190000
modifier nose/nose-curve-concave|convex -0.114000
modifier nose/nose-greek-decr|incr -0.050000
modifier nose/nose-hump-decr|incr -0.190000
modifier mouth/mouth-lowerlip-height-decr|incr -0.202000
modifier mouth/mouth-upperlip-width-decr|incr -0.632000
modifier mouth/mouth-dimples-in|out -0.342000
modifier chin/chin-prognathism-decr|incr 0.354000
modifier cheek/l-cheek-inner-decr|incr -0.102000
modifier cheek/r-cheek-inner-decr|incr -0.102000
modifier torso/torso-scale-depth-decr|incr 0.198000
modifier torso/torso-muscle-dorsi-decr|incr 0.532000
modifier torso/torso-muscle-pectoral-decr|incr -0.822000
modifier hip/hip-scale-horiz-decr|incr 0.494000
modifier hip/hip-scale-vert-decr|incr 0.510000
modifier stomach/stomach-navel-in|out -0.324000
modifier stomach/stomach-tone-decr|incr -0.254000
modifier stomach/stomach-pregnant-decr|incr 0.020000
modifier stomach/stomach-navel-down|up 0.042000
modifier pelvis/pelvis-tone-decr|incr -0.396000
modifier pelvis/bulge-decr|incr -1.000000
modifier armslegs/r-hand-fingers-distance-decr|incr 0.496000
modifier armslegs/r-hand-fingers-diameter-decr|incr -0.456000
modifier armslegs/r-hand-fingers-length-decr|incr 0.470000
modifier armslegs/r-hand-scale-decr|incr 0.158000
modifier armslegs/l-hand-fingers-distance-decr|incr 0.496000
modifier armslegs/l-hand-fingers-diameter-decr|incr -0.456000
modifier armslegs/l-hand-fingers-length-decr|incr 0.470000
modifier armslegs/l-hand-scale-decr|incr 0.158000
modifier armslegs/r-lowerarm-muscle-decr|incr 0.828000
modifier armslegs/r-upperarm-fat-decr|incr 0.414000
modifier armslegs/r-upperarm-shoulder-muscle-decr|incr -1.000000
modifier armslegs/r-upperarm-muscle-decr|incr -1.000000
modifier armslegs/l-lowerarm-muscle-decr|incr 0.828000
modifier armslegs/l-upperarm-fat-decr|incr 0.414000
modifier armslegs/l-upperarm-shoulder-muscle-decr|incr -1.000000
modifier armslegs/l-upperarm-muscle-decr|incr -1.000000
modifier armslegs/r-lowerleg-scale-horiz-decr|incr 0.034000
modifier armslegs/r-lowerleg-fat-decr|incr -0.816000
modifier armslegs/r-upperleg-scale-horiz-decr|incr -0.056000
modifier armslegs/r-upperleg-scale-vert-decr|incr -0.198000
modifier armslegs/r-upperleg-fat-decr|incr 0.056000
modifier armslegs/r-upperleg-muscle-decr|incr 0.014000
modifier armslegs/l-lowerleg-scale-horiz-decr|incr 0.034000
modifier armslegs/l-lowerleg-fat-decr|incr -0.816000
modifier armslegs/l-upperleg-scale-horiz-decr|incr -0.056000
modifier armslegs/l-upperleg-scale-vert-decr|incr -0.198000
modifier armslegs/l-upperleg-fat-decr|incr 0.056000
modifier armslegs/l-upperleg-muscle-decr|incr 0.014000
modifier breast/BreastSize 0.528000
modifier breast/BreastFirmness 0.677000
modifier breast/breast-dist-decr|incr 0.114000
modifier breast/breast-point-decr|incr 0.014000
modifier breast/breast-volume-vert-down|up -0.860000
modifier breast/nipple-size-decr|incr 0.368000
modifier breast/nipple-point-decr|incr 0.304000
modifier macrodetails/Gender 0.000000
modifier macrodetails/Age 0.500000
modifier macrodetails/African 0.200000
modifier macrodetails/Asian 0.200000
modifier macrodetails/Caucasian 0.600000
modifier macrodetails-universal/Muscle 0.565000
modifier macrodetails-universal/Weight 0.823000
modifier macrodetails-height/Height 0.558000
modifier macrodetails-proportions/BodyProportions 0.500000
teeth Teeth_Base 0a5ec82a-0d5f-43ce-a765-8f076f95692d
eyelashes Eyelashes01 d533836f-13ad-4836-8b65-051108253cd2
skeleton Uengine_Rig/uengine.mhskel
eyebrows eyebrow010 8261cde8-7ce2-47f3-a7a2-edf459c50887
eyes HighPolyEyes 2c12f43b-1303-432c-b7ce-d78346baf2e6
clothesHideFaces False
skinMaterial skins/young_caucasian_female/young_caucasian_female.mhmat
material HighPolyEyes 2c12f43b-1303-432c-b7ce-d78346baf2e6 eyes/materials/brown.mhmat
material eyebrow010 8261cde8-7ce2-47f3-a7a2-edf459c50887 eyebrow010.mhmat
material Eyelashes01 d533836f-13ad-4836-8b65-051108253cd2 eyelashes01.mhmat
material Teeth_Base 0a5ec82a-0d5f-43ce-a765-8f076f95692d teeth.mhmat
subdivide False
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Re: MPFB2 - create human without helper geometry

Postby joepal » Fri Jan 13, 2023 6:46 am

Yeah, that's not going to work unfortunately.

Even though they have the same names, the MH style skeletons and MPFB style skeletons are radically different. MH skeletons are one frame of BVH animation, which is an arcane and ancient format where bones are defined as relations, lengths and rotations. MPFB skeletons are JSON files with instructions on how to match bones to points of the body. For the foreseeable future, MPFB is not going to be able to read BVH style skeletons directly. The reason it works for the socket export is because MH has then already made the fitting of the bones to the body. But no such luck when loading from MHM.

In MPFB's developer panel, there are sections for generating JSON-style skeleton descriptions based on an existing basemesh + armature object in blender. This is not rocket science, but somewhat tedious. If there's a general demand for particular rigs to be converted to MPFB style skeleton, then this could be done. Either someone else could do it with help from me, or I could do it at a later time. The instructions for the bone fitting and skeleton generating functions are here: ... osing.html

Having done so, and if these skeletons are available under CC0, the skeleton could then be added to MPFB codebase, making them available both for use directly in MPFB and for when loading MHM files.

As a side note, I've been playing with the thought of extending the set of skeletons in MPFB anyway. For example, I'd like to get Bento in there. But having fully compatible UE and Unity skeletons would obviously also be a good idea.
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Re: MPFB2 - create human without helper geometry

Postby marvisb » Sat Jan 14, 2023 2:04 am

So far, I've been able to get everything to work relatively well, even over the socket import with that particular skeleton from MH. For some reason I cannot use any rigging features inside MPFB... I don't think I installed the asset pack correctly.

I did test a model with the MHM file import, and the MH GameEngine skeleton (Instead of UEngine skeleton) and all of the targets worked correctly, no distortion. It is probably possible to use the MH GameEngine skeleton in UE, the hierarchy looks the same, but before testing that I want to get the male body set up.

UE5 has a fairly forgiving IK retargeting system -- you can define the limbs, spine, fingers, etc of a skeleton and then map those to other skeletons. Using this I was able to adapt the community UEngine skeleton pretty easily to use the UE Mannequin animations. There is some stiffness, possibly because the Mannequin/those animations have so many extra bones, but it's good enough for my purposes at this time. I can even add virtual bones which removes the need for actual IK bones in the skeleton. No idea how it works, but it does.

The main constraint for skeletons that I found was the Root and Pelvis bones -- to work properly for what I was doing, the Root bone needed to be on the ground between the character's feet, and the leg bones needed to derive immediately from a singular Pelvis bone. Otherwise I would have used the MH skeleton. I am a little concerned how animations affecting the hands will fare but we will see. I will probably change the skeletons at some point once I have made more progress in this project.

Anyway, here is a picture of what I have so far -- the morphs and clothing at least -- I am quite pleased with how this is going.
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