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Make Target question

Postby etienne.voice » Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:54 pm

Trying to import new body and head into MH and following the excellent Targets tutorial by jujube, but I need a little basic help. Hope you can help get me straight. Here's my understanding

Step1. Modelled a new Female Character based on the topology of MH default with 13,378 faces and 13,380 vertices
Step 2. I import an MH default figure for Make Target plugin. I would like to make a New Human from Presets, but the MPFB From Presets list is blank, see screengrab. Instead of Presets I import new human from Make Human where the default character is loaded. Question a: Do I need to download a special ‘asset pack’ to populate Presets?
Step 3. After I add a Shape key to the New Human mesh I cannot morph to the female character. I get error ‘Selected meshes must have same number of vertices’ until I remove all HelperGeometry, JointCubes and Eyebrows vertices, so that new Human and my female character have 13,378 faces.
Question b: Do I need to maintain Helper groups or import just the mesh from MH?
Question c: Should I scale up the helper groups to fit my new Female Character?
Step 4 Now with the NewHuman now with a ShapeKey morphing to my Female Figure mesh, the MakeTarget plugin has Create Target greyed out.
Question d: How do I amend NewHuman mesh to select as Create Target
Step 5. I will later need to amend the NewHuman eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows to fit the Female Figure.
Question e: how is modifying elements like eyes etc done with Helper Geometry vertex groups? or do I simply reproduce the steps above and create new morph targets for each elements and import to MH?

Many thanks for reading this far.
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