New MakeShapes addon for Blender and UE4

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Re: New MakeShapes addon for Blender and UE4

Postby punkduck » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:29 pm

nomorecookies wrote:Thank you both for the information.
It is strange to me that it works as it does. I cannot find a reason in the code, but i can barely decipher Python anyway.
The fact that it can and does propagate to the eyebrows and eyelashes, but not to the hair, clothes or eyes is baffling me.

It depends on your shapekey/target. Does the shapekey also modify the helper?

If not: especially long hair is not bound to head, it is bound to hair-helper, same goes for most clothes except for underwear maybe, they are bound to tight or skirt helper. Eyes are bound to the eye helper (otherwise they won't even move).

When you create targets do not forget the helper. A common problem with a lot of user assets (and we also had some official ones before version 1.2).
But you can reload the targets and change helper later, too.

So maybe this documentation helps (first paragraph):

+ mesh vs. helpers

nomorecookies wrote:
Took me way to long to figure it all out too :)

Oh I try UE since begin of december. Very interesting system and it showed me that our fbx export isn't that bad. There was an orientation error for tri-meshes in the beginning. But the rest worked. I fixed it short after official release date in the master.

At least I should give a hint for female characters (or other characters with passive bones which have to be baked): My character is walking using an bvh file and the standard skeleton. And I added the wiggle plugin. I thought it is a good idea and she should look more sexy.

But no --- my thoughts had been punished after baking the walk (baking is a must, otherwise the wiggle will not occur).
Well result was: she didn't move at all but I had two boobs doing the wiggle ... like in reality :mrgreen:

I was not able to get back the rest of the animation ... so be careful this NLA stuff is kinda weird sometimes ... here the plugin seems to destroy the main NLA track. So always save a version before baking.
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