mhcommunity makeclothes vs mh classic makeclothes

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mhcommunity makeclothes vs mh classic makeclothes

Postby CallHarvey3d » Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:49 pm

Hello it's great to be back!
I have a few projects that I'm incorporating MH in the pipeline. I am currently setup with oldschool MakeHuman and the older MakeClothes, MakeTarget blender plugins. Should I upgrade to MakeHuman Community? is there much improvement in the quality of the clothes and targets or did the menus just get a facelift? i did attempt the updates but they didnt work. not sure if its because dont have the programs or folders in proper locations or if i missed a step.

Secondly I'm creating assets for rapid prototyping for several projects. In doing so ill be bringing in lots of models into MakeHuman that i did not create and are listed where i found them as CC. Are these models appropriate to add to the community assets since i didn't create them? I intend to notate them as not my models in the description.
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Re: mhcommunity makeclothes vs mh classic makeclothes

Postby joepal » Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:44 am

If the old MakeClothes works for you, maybe you could stick with it for now. The output file format should be the same. A good reason for upgrading would be if you need to get it to run with modern versions of blender. I think the old makeclothes is pre blender 2.79 only.

In the longer run, I'm integrating all asset producing addons into MPFB2. MakeSkin and MakeTarget have been included, but I haven't gotten around to MakeClothes.

Regarding CC assets... if you are sure the asset was CC0 when you downloaded it, then it's perfectly fine to upload it to the asset repo. If it was CC-BY or some other form of CC, you will need to know enough about the original asset to be able to fulfill your obligations, such as giving credit to the original author.
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