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Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:24 am
by OnlyTheGhosts
Linux, on 3 PCs.

Windows only 1 laptop because it crashes too much but it's necessary for my son's university (they require it to be Windows, no choice allowed). Previous laptop got screwed over by a Microsoft update, and basically bricked.

Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:26 pm
by Ricardo2020
Aranuvir wrote:For further focus on development, we would like to know on which operating system MakeHuman is primary used. If you're running more than one operating system, please select the system that is most important for you.

250GB Micron SSD booting Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.2 LTE on Intel Xeon LGA1151 E2-1246v3 4C/8T with 32GB DDR3 and NVidia GTX960 4GB DDR5.

Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:23 am
by nomorecookies
I know i am late to the voting party, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in

Windows is my primary O.S. on my primary machine because it is easier to run games on, and I am integrated into the speech recognition.
Linux Mint is my primary on my alternate machine
Solus looks somewhat promising for the future

and of course, this is just my personal opinion, but apple/mac should not be bothered to be catered to. They will rip out core functionality from the o.s. and hardware and assume their 'cult' will keep paying more than double the price for less, and they do. you cannot bother with a company and o.s. that will rip the floor out from under you after your investment of time and effort as a developer

Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:13 pm
by Ricardo2020
Linux Mint Cinnamon Sylvia 18.2LTE with all updates running on Intel Xeon e3-1246v3 and 32GB of 1600MHz DDR3 in C622PCH with NVidia GTX960 with 4GB of DDR5. This machine dual boots Windows 7 Pro x64. Both OSs browse with Waterfox Classic. I have no problems in MakeHuman on Linux. I do not run it on Windows. DAZ and Poser run on that. This machine has been running Mint steady for about a year and a half.

Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2021 4:47 pm
by ChrisCarver
Just added my vote and it's Linux for me, too. These results are very promising for Linux, and very revealing regards the percentage of people now using Linux!
Just goes to show what complete and utter BS the various rigged surveys out there are talking!

Re: Operating System Survey

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 8:58 pm
by Ricardo2020
I recently upgraded my main workstation to Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 Uma.

This runs on a custom built cube form factor microATX box powered by an 850watt Seasonic PSU, featuring a Xeon 1246v3 CPU cooled by Noctua and a Gigabyte GTX 960 GPU booting from a Samsung Evo 860 SSD with 500GB of storage space.

It is super fast. Running MH 1.2.0 on this machine is a breeze and so far, everything works as advertised. I could not be happier. It is as though MH was made to work best on Linux!

Spanky, a custom built workstation c2014
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