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Postby Ricardo2020 » Sun Apr 14, 2024 2:58 pm

Glad to have you onboard.

Yep. AI crap is just that. AI crap. Eventually, machines will acquire a degree of "intellect", but for now, it is a hype train built around some elite corporate monster's scumbag concept of what is actually a digital parrot made for enriching their fat wallets. A new wrinkle in the fabric of AI is AI training AI. Think of this as garbage in, garbage out. The problem is so bad that the Google search engine is broken. Even honest efforts like DuckDuckGo are swelling with spam.

The workaround is rather harsh. Avoid smart junk. All of it. Do things yourself. Stop sharing everything. Nobody cares. One is not as important as their fondleslab says they are. Stop being self centered. Adopt a community stance. Start helping others. Get out more. Pixels do not replace actual faces and voices. Start using security measures while surfing the web and doing your work. Stop paying for software that exists to scrape and monetize your efforts.

I run around ten computers in my lab. Some are online. Others are not. The ones that work hard are old and not online. They are busy working for studio and service projects which do not require the WAN. They are on a closed LAN via managed switches. The ones which face the net are programmed to be paranoid. They block marketing and avoid software that shares with antisocial media. No chrome. No google. No Redmond. Only Mozilla and Linux are on those, and all adverts are blocked.

AI not only writes terrible code, it also belches up scammy spam. To use it for anything worthwhile is to be somewhat of a fool. But then, people have really gotten lazy and stupid of late and are totally stuck on themselves. As their time and effort is sponged, the elite get filthy rich and brag about how stupid the masses are while playing golf or entertaining their trophy women. I want no part of it. It angers me. It angers people like me and there are many. Our numbers are growing. A tipping point is coming. A war is eminent. A civil one. It will be global.

I have always believed that hard work yields great results while lazy piddling is a wasted effort. I am for keeping the straight shift in lieu of the automatic. I am old school. I like tech, but not when it has the only goal of scraping me to make someone I do not like getting rich off me as they steal what I do. And this, my fellow human makers, is exactly what AI does. You have been warned. Put down that smart gadget and get back to work. Things will be much better. You'll see. Get off the couch. Go outside. Do it now, while you still can...
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