Plugins that will start to require the py3 version

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Plugins that will start to require the py3 version

Postby joepal » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:08 pm

As of today, I'm going to stop trying to ensure backwards compatibility with the makehuman 1.1.1 / py2 version in the development of the following:

* The socket plugin
* the makehuman plugin for blender (formerly called "sync mesh and pose")

I have created branches called "last_version_for_11x" in each repo. The immediate reason for the break in backwards compatibility is that the socket plugin has gained the capability of binary transfers, and trying to ensure that encodings work in both py2 and py3 is messy. Further, blender has been py3 since ages back, and it's cumbersome to build communication based on strings encoded in different python major versions. All further development for these plugins will thus require python 3.x and will be aimed at the github/py3 version of makehuman.

I am not (yet) including the asset downloader nor MHAPI in the list of plugins which will lose support for py2.
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