importing a character in adobe aero

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importing a character in adobe aero

Postby lauraboffi » Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:40 pm

Hello! I am a designer, not a coder, and I am having problems when I import a character in Adobe Aero (AR prototype tool). The character is like overexposed, the color of the clothes are all kind of white...Can anyone help me out? Thanks! Laura
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Re: importing a character in adobe aero

Postby punkduck » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:36 pm


That was exported with fbx format, I guess?

The only test I can do was to export it with fbx also and then test it in blender. This works correctly.

I can only do a proposal, because I don't have access to Adobe AERO. Best to test it with one piece of cloth first and let's only change the material of this piece of cloth.

In MakeHuman is a tool called "Material Editor" (in Utilities). Then try the following:

  • select the piece of cloth on left side
  • Set shader to "NONE", litsphere avoids the visibility of set material buttons ...
  • set material settings diffuse with pick button to sth, like middle to dark grey
  • set ambient also to a darker value
  • set emissive to 0 (black) ... I just wonder why this values is switched on for the skin, bioluminescence? :)
  • export character

these values are not saved with the character, because they are the material setup of each part.
So try first with one piece of cloth. If that works. one could try to save special materials-setups for later use with AERO.

But honestly I am not sure. I just remember that in other systems especially the diffuse texture must be normally set to white, maybe fbx works different :?
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