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Re: Errors after retargeting existing ue4 animations

Postby fortuna » Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:42 pm

I found the cause of the problem myself. Unreal's Automapping for two bones of the Skeleton Mesh was wrong.
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Re: MH2UE4u

Postby fortuna » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:52 am

When it comes to importing the FBX into blender, it is crucial for the import of morph keys to set the checkbox in the import manually. it is deactivated by default and double-collapsed in the mesh section. I updated the workflow documentation.

<edit: moved addional question out of this post>.
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Re: MH2UE4u

Postby punkduck » Tue Jan 26, 2021 7:39 pm

Shape Keys:

what is worse and was not as obvious as the "hidden" UE importer options:

You will get rid of your shape-keys when you select the apply modifiers box in blender fbx-export.

This is not a special fbx feature, it happens for all types of export I meanwhile noticed, And in a way the reason is simple: A shape-keys is a second mesh inside blender (not joking, all vertices are copied, even when you change a single vertex only). Applying only works on one layer.

These are the exporters:

when looking carefully, for bpy.ops.export_scene.fbx, option "use_mesh_modifiers" you will notice:

"Apply modifiers to mesh objects (except Armature ones) - WARNING: prevents exporting shape keys"

Be aware that blender shape-keys can be created from -10 to 10 (afaik) but Unreal accepts only -1 to 1. So they must be normalized, when they are bigger than 1. In this case: if you use a bone driver in blender and you create the animations you need to adapt it to the other norm also.

Materials usually work rather good, as long as the principled node is used. For eyes I use two materials, so a glass layer to reflect light. Of course this only makes sense when the face can be shown from a near distance, but it looks rather good.

I use own animations and standard skeleton (no toes). It works as well, but I can't use pre-made animations. On the other hand, my model can talk without shapekeys and without modifications after I created the 11 phonemes with a poselib. :)
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Re: MH2UE4u

Postby AssetDK » Sun Feb 14, 2021 12:56 pm

fortuna wrote:I would like to notify the community about my suggestion about the eye material setup: ... them_there

Thanks I will update - and I will share how I made a very diverse skin material!

The page is now updated, please check if there is any more that we need to update and feel free to change the page if there are more things to tweak! ... _materials

As you can see I made a character customize interface, it can currently modify/randomize the shape keys, and you can update the base tint color, but all the other parameters should be in there as well. 8-)
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Cloth and other stuff..

Postby AssetDK » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:51 pm

I also made a guide and a small tool to "hack" the shape keys - in such a way that you can import all targets to UE4. The next step is to add cloth to UE4 and I just found that this can be done, you need to transfer the same morph targets to the cloth and the cloth need to have the same skeleton as the base mesh. The entire thing will be in a package that you can use for handling the MakeHuman characters in Unreal.

One of the things I am missing it the expressions, it would be cool if you could "export" these - as well as the customize sliders - as shape keys. Please can someone show me how this is supposed to work work with MHX2?
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Re: MH2UE4u

Postby nomorecookies » Tue Feb 16, 2021 5:57 pm

Is this character creator you are working on going to be free and open, or a product you will be selling on the UE4 marketplace?
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