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The "From presets" option in MPFB2 has disappeared

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 12:13 pm
by Ian_Samit
Somehow, the "From presets" option has disappeared in MPFB2.
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I assumed this had something to do with cleaning up unused files and directories, and not saving MH models in the default location. So I reset MH to its default settings and saved a model to /home/ian/makehuman/v1py3/models, but "From presets" is still missing from MPFB2.

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling MPFB2, and even uninstalling and reinstalling Blender itself.

What can I do to get this option back?

Re: The "From presets" option in MPFB2 has disappeared

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:02 am
by joepal
Huh, that looks very strange.

Exactly what version of MPFB2 are you using? I.e which date did you download it? And what version of blender are you using?

On the developer -> log levels panel you can change log level for a particular channel. Could you do the following:

* start up blender with MPFB2 enabled
* go to developer -> log levels
* set "mpfb.init" to "DUMP"
* set "newhuman.init" to "DUMP"
* set "newhuman.frompresetspanel" to "DUMP"
* close blender
* start blender again
* open the "new human" panel if it is not already open
* click system and resources -> log files
* find the file "combined.txt"
* paste the contents here or attach it to a post

Re: The "From presets" option in MPFB2 has disappeared

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:48 pm
by Ian_Samit
Thanks Joel - I feel like an idiot!!! It turned out I was saving the latest version to the wrong directory, and just reinstalling the old version. Not sure what version it was but the date was 20/May/21.

Anyway, thanks for the help - once I started looking at the log levels I realised that "newhuman.frompresetspanel" was not listed, which helped locate my error.

Re: The "From presets" option in MPFB2 has disappeared

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:29 pm
by Ian_Samit
1) So now I've got that function back, I remember why I was messing around with files and directories, which is that the assets were not showing, no matter how I set the paths. I will make a separate post for that to make it easier to for others to find.

2) Related to that, would it be possible to set up a dedicated subforum for MPFB2? I know I've posted questions in at least 2 subforums and it would be to collect all related posts together.

3) I'd like to contribute to the documentation as I work through MPFB2. I have a background in producing training materials (though not for IT applications) and I think my ignorance could be useful anticipating the kind of problems that novice users may encounter.

Re: The "From presets" option in MPFB2 has disappeared

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:16 pm
by joepal
Yes, I realize that the ride isn't particularly smooth in regards to getting the path settings right. This is definitely an area which could use some improvements.

Regarding forum, I've now renamed the "Blender" forum to "Blender and MPFB", since I think most blender discussions will be likely to have some ties with MPFB.

And I'm obviously happy with all the help I can get regarding both testing and suggestions for improvements, as well as documentation. The MPFB interface is structured from my own workflow and will benefit from being discussed with other people.