Shield 2017-Version (Wonder Woman)


This is an additional texture and normalmap for the shield according to the 2017 Wonder Woman film. In Blender use the same setup as for the original texture.


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution

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That texture work is awesome!


The texture itself only works with the normal map, which is creating the effect. And the normal map is directly created from a "manually painted" height map. The height map only had 4 colors, white for what is outside, light grey for the first layer, dark grey for the next and black for what is deeply engraved ... In this case of a regular mathematical structure that was rather simple .... Mindfront, you helped me to understand the connection between height map and normal map. My idea was to make this map manually and then use a program which simply calculates the normal map from the height map (in this case it was not Blender, it was one of these "one map in, other map out" programs).