Pole dance fireman


A pole dance pose (beginners level) used at spinning or static poles. This pose is the version where you press the knees against the pole, which is different from the cross the legs and press the ankles against the pole. Be aware that you might to have to modify the pose, because of different sizes of character, arms and legs.






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Where to get the pole

Please do tell me where/how can I add the pole in the image.

unfortunately ...

... it is impossible to add a pole in MakeHuman. When you e.g. use longer arms the pole must be deformed. You can only use this with an additional program like blender. And you should be aware that for a lot of poses (not only the pole-dance ones) where arms or legs are positioned very near to the body or to each other you may have intersections of body parts. So best to export with a skeleton and do some corrections. These poses had been created due to request :)