Penis Rig


This is a rig containing bones for the penis. Everything else is the default skeleton. There are two new bones for the penis, one for both testicles, and one for more control of each single testicle. Sadly, the weights don't work correctly, so the new bones don't do anything. So if someone wants to animate a penis, he still has to add the correct weights manually. If this can be fixed, it will be updated.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero



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not sure ...

I not sure, if this will work. According to the .mhw file of the bones you added, you are changing the penis of the helpers (vertex indices around 15000). When you load a male character the indices in this region have numbers starting from 0 up to approx. 400. The new vertex groups don't even appear when you search them looking at the skin ...

To debug in blender, use scripting and enter " = True", then the Mesh Display contains an additional check box "Indices" (just a proposal, if not allready known)

At least this seems to be the reason why it does not work. But I'm not sure if you can assign the bones directly to the vertices number 0 to 400 of the male genitalia proxy. Especially if you change the proxy for e.g. more geometry then you have to change these numbers also ...

test proxy

I saw your comment, and made a proxy for debugging the rig
It includes extra body parts copied from the helpers. The tongue and eyelashes can be posed, even though they aren't there when makehuman first loads.
So I think the problem is partially with the error message that appears in MH, "No normal found for bone [name]: no reference bones and could not map implicitly by name". This seems to be caused by a lack of reference planes in the mhskel file, which need to be added by hand.