Monthly contest

Since in June 2015, we are running monthly contests for best image created with MakeHuman in the pipeline. See bottom of this page for results from previous months


Current topic

The December incarnation of the contest started 2015-12-01. Voting starts 2016-01-01 and ends 2016-01-14. December's topic is "Music". 



Any forum user is allowed to post exactly one contribution (per month). At the end of the month, the submitted images will be collected into a poll, and any forum user is allowed to vote for their favorite. 

Each month a topic will be selected, usually just a loose keyword (such as "sports" or "summer"). It is up to the participants to interpret this in any which way they see fit.



In order to participate, make a new post in the "Monthly contest" forum. The post should include the following:

  • The title should state for which month you are submitting and make clear that it is a submission for the contest (for example "My contribution for the june contest")
  • The text should include a description of the image, a summary of how you made if, and what your goal was ("My action hero. Rendered in blender and then touched-up in GIMP. Intended to depict absolute disgust.")
  • There should be one full-size image attached, in PNG or JPG format and with exactly the resolution 1920x1080 (full HD). If you fail the resolution we'll wantonly crop/scale the image for the poll, with random results.
  • If you used third-part assets, you should include attribution details ("I used John Doe's wall texture from blender cookie"). It is not necessary to do this if you only used makehuman or home-brewed assets.
  • (optional) sign the image by including your name somewhere in it

Concerning the contents of the image as such, the only rules are that MakeHuman should have been used somewhere in the pipeline, and that it should have some association to the month's topic. Otherwise you're free to design the image however you want, using whichever tools you want.


Winning the contest

If you win the voting, we'll post your image in visible places along with your name. So basically it's for fame and glory. :-)


Monthly contests

The following contest topics are planned so far:



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