Bento Alpha 1


First try of a Bento skeleton, some weights are still not 100%. Most weights are generated from the default skeleton. In some parts it is identical to the OpenSim skeleton, but I changed the joints according to the real skeleton. I supported all bones "inside" the basic mesh. So no wings, no tail, no hind legs in this skeleton. Also the 4 special bones folded in spine region are not added in this version. For Sim-World: use Bento-T-Pose for export from MakeHuman to Blender via mhx2 (size must be meter), import in Blender using default mode and export as Collada dae using SL/OpenSim activated. For poses use e.g. Avastar. This is necessary because Sims have different rotation planes. This Bento skeleton also works for normal Blender characters. Some parts are better than in default-skeleton (like eyebrows in my opinion), some are not so good (shoulders). When you prefer working in Blender directly, don't use Bento-T-Pose, use normal A-Pose (because of the fingers).


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