Wrestling suit


I made a rather simple model for wrestling tights that are used in classical/graeco-roman/freestyle wrestling. It is a rather simple piece of clothing mostly out of a part of "tights" helper with some minute modifications. As such, I expect it to work in any MH model (but I only tested them for male characters, can't be sure how it interacts with boobs!) The textures are very simple (I made them mostly in KolourPaint) and also rather choppy, cause I suck at this. If anyone can make better textures for this, please let me know so that I'll be able to update them! Upd 2016/01/13: As I'm getting slightly better with UV-maps and texturing, I've decided to update this asset with a better mapped sample. It is still far from perfect, but already better and easier to work with.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

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Did you upload the correct

Did you upload the correct illustration? That looks kind of similar to the slave collar one. :-)

Yes I did, but the collar one

Yes I did, but the collar one has the same name so it probably got overwritten. You seem to keep all the previews in the same directory (or what is the analogue of directory in a database, I'm not very knowledgeable on this), and that's actually a problem, because as the asset collection grows people using the same names for files will be all but inevitable. I will rename and reupload the file now, but I suggest you switch to separate directories for each asset in the future, it would be much easier to keep stuff organized and avoid collisions such as this one.

Ah, yes. Actually, there is

Ah, yes. Actually, there is one directory per user so people can't overwrite each other's data. But one user uploading two files with the same name will cause an overwrite.


I still would prefer this to

I still would prefer this to be changed to one directory per asset tbh.


It would seem that the texure mat is just white but I am useing version 1.01