992 tris. Recommendations: -use 2 levels of Subdivision surface -use the normalmap -may conflict with collars


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Hair (scalp hair)



MHCLO file: 

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Export problems?


maybe I am doing something wrong but I have prolems with export model wit this hairs from MH to Blender as collada file. Could You check this please ? :)

THX in advance.


It seems the UTF-8 character

It seems the UTF-8 character in the image filenames causes an export error in MakeHuman 1.0.2.

Useless because it won't export

This hair looks great in theory, but it won't export out of Makehuman using MHX2


Your computer most probably is just not cosmopolitan enough to read my filenames. You seem to have a lingual fashistoid PC that refuses to learn other languages than english. Tell him he's stupid!


Thanks for "fixing" this. The hair style is very nice and I appreciate you sharing it.

The hair is very dark. Do you have a "Language Pack" you could share with those of us who didn't get new "cosmopolitan, non-lingual fashistoid" computers for Christmas that will lighten the color a bit? :)

Is the cosmopolitan text filter indicated?

Well, linux got one, so I guess it can't be that hard to implement this absolutely crucial function: http://linux.die.net/man/1/talkfilters

For example, "swedish chef" filter:

Thunks fur "feexing" thees. Zee heur style-a is fery neece-a und I eppreceeete-a yuoo shereeng it. Bork Bork Bork!

Zee heur is fery derk. Du yuoo hefe-a a "Lungooege-a Peck" yuoo cuoold shere-a veet thuse-a ooff us vhu deedn't get noo "cusmupuleetun, nun-leengooel fesheestuid" cumpooters fur Chreestmes thet veell leeghtee zee culur a beet?Thunks fur "feexing" thees. Zee heur style-a is fery neece-a und I eppreceeete-a yuoo shereeng it. Bork Bork Bork!

Or the "warez" filter:

7haNks FoR "F1X!]\[g" thYs. D4 ha|r 5Ty13 !S v3ry nYc3 @|\|d Y 4PPr3cY4T3 j00 zH4RIng 1t.

D4 ]-[@|R !Z veRY d4Rk. d0 j00 H4v3 4 "L4ngUaGe Pack" j00 k()U1d ShAre \/\/|Th th0Z3 Oph UZ w]-[0 dIdn'T ge7 new "kozm0pOLYt4|\|, nOgn-l1ngu4L f4zHYz7()!|)" k0mpUt3RS fOR cHRYsTM45 tha7 \/\/!1l l|6]-[t3N d4 k0l0r A B17?7hANcS fOR "ph1X|Ng" 7]-[YS. D4 ]-[aIR 57YLe |Z \/3RY n|cE 4|\||) ! 4pPRec14t3 j00 sHarYNG !t.

It always warms my heart to see that all the crucial tools are available in my favorite operating system.



I re-clothed it, this time with delete-group and "international" (meaning english) texture-names.
Sorry for the confusion. I am still learning and this was my second try.

Thanks very much!!

I like much this hair :)

The download failed

Despite several attempts, I'm having trouble uploading this hairstyle, it's a shame.