Tactical Vest male


Tags: Work, Sport, Male. For best fitness I did two version, this is best fitted for a male character but the zipper part will get uneven on certain bodies. You may need to adjust the positions of the zipper slider, the shoulder straps and the magazine pockets depending on your character deformations as they use rigid groups, and I leave it to you to deform (sculpt) the pockets so they look more soft and natural as I wanted to keep it as low poly as possible (dont know why as it doesn't matter for my purposes). The pockets have each three (empty) magazine for an AK47 (i think) and as I did not find any information about their dimension I had to improvise thereof the pockets size but I have seen that some tactical vest pockets are this big. It is ment to be used with solidify modifier thickness about 2 mm and Fill Rim - Only Rim, or else the pockets and some details wont look as good. The preview image is rendered in Blender Cycles with the pose "Salute" by callharvey3d. As I dont yet have made a fitting jacket and trousers I used my "Tank Top 01" and "M Trousers 01" with new textures. On the head is my "Patrol Cap".




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