string 5


Sorry for using my enumeration .... String 5 is part of a set, the other part is the pushup bra. In Blender using cycles render connect the color input of the glossy shader to the texture and use a value of 0.4 for the mix shader instead of the fresnel input to get the same result shown in the example picture. Delete vertex groups are used.




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Thanks again

Thanks for all the time and effort you spent to create and publish all those nice assets (and even on such a regular basis!).
You really pushing MH's asset-gallery to the next level.


Fresnel Node

Hey man just a suggestion but you might want to redo this material in blender, only "this" time please do NOT delete the fresnel node instead just put it back just far enough to add in a Math, Multiply Node in betwen the fresnel and the Mix Input of the Mix Shader lol this way the material looks more realistic but at the same time you can still control the amount of the fresnel :) happy blending my friend

of course ...

In the case of this piece of lingerie, the fresnel node and even a white input of the glossy shader might also work. Because it looks a bit glossy in reality :) .