This item contains two textures: an alpha-map and a bumpmap. Combine those as shown in the picture "Cycles_Shader". You have to give credits to Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard, and Jonathan Williamson, based on an initial design by David Revoy.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution


Hair (scalp hair)



MHCLO file: 

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MHMAT file: 

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Little bug


unfortunately the textures get not copied to the output directory if I export a model with this asset.
You may change your mhmat-file to something like this to make it export the textures properly: http://www.pasteall.org/200355

thx for your proposal, ...

but after i tried it your way it didn't export the textures either. I admit that i don't really understand the mh-behaviour in terms of shading. Is there a good how-to meanwhile? How does the mh-internal shader work? When i create a folder for secondary materials, where to put the first one? Is makecloth still exporting only blender-internal materials rather than cycles-mat?
Until i get answers to that questions, you have to fetch the textures manually from the folder. But since you will have to create the nodetree anyways...
If it helps, i can apologize to you for the inconvenience.

Re: makeclothes materials

Makeclothes only works for blender internal rendering period there is no support for cycles at all.The Mh internal rendering shaders are each difined and implimented in python with a text file at /makehuman-stable/makehuman/data/shaders/glsl that provides the definition. MHX2 will covert BI to cycles on import if you set blender for cycles before invoking the MHX2 import.

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Give up.

I know you are a computer-deity, so you will at least have a mild smile when i reveal now that i couldn't even find a shaders-folder within the data-folder. It is as it is. Please bear with me.

We just have to remember that

We just have to remember that computers are dumb they only do what the programmer tells them exactly no more and being human they make errors(bugs) that data folder is within the makehuman code of your install which will depend on which OS and how you installed so if your still iterested just send me a PM no need for shareing emmbassmentwink

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that's a kind offer...

and maybe i actually have something to adress to you: i'm looking for someone who would write a script that reads the metadata of sound- or videofootage that i import into blender's video-sequence-editor. If it finds some naming-convention-following tags, it copies these information and stores them in an automatically created text-file, that also gets automatically packed into the blend-file. Do you feel challenged?

MHX2 lighting

I didn't try the assets yet, look great !
"MHX2 will covert BI to cycles on import if you set blender for cycles before invoking the MHX2 import." Thanks for this info, If I didn't take a look here I will never knew this...