Peeptoe boot


If you need another skin tone, you could stencil the needed texture from one of the MH skins, using e.g. gimp. That's why i kept the UV location of the footmesh at the original MakeHuman-UV location. To prevent strange bendings at the heel, you probably will need to erase the weighting for the bones DEF-shin-03 L and R at the heel area (make them visible by activating the last bonelayer's visibility). It should even be possible to weight paint the toes in order to use the toe helper bones to bend them.


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Number One !!!

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IMHO this is the coolest asset of the entire site. I imported it into Blender just to examine the details of that excellent work. It is made professionally so well that I voted it 10 stars! Would like to see more of such shoe creations.

The best

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I love your design!!!