There's a very useful tutorial series on youtube about rigging the mermaid tail, beginning with this: In short: you will want to rig the tail to only one leg. So you have to clear the weightings from the other leg and give it to the first one. When you decide to create a well-fed mermaid, you will notice that the midline-vertices behave strangely. You can easily bring them back to their y-position in edit mode. No need to get frustrated ;) Use the diffuse texture for color and transparency. Use the normal map as usual. Use the spec map for spec color and spec intensity.


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Other bodyparts



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Mermaid tail

I would love to use this. Where should I place these files so they may install?

it's a cloth

so just create a folder with a name of your choice in .../makehuman/v1/data/clothes/ and put all in there.