M Swimming trunks 01


First attempt to make clothes to MakeHuman. Tags Male and Swimwear.


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Well done,

thanks for taking the time to do some texture work. It really makes a difference.

I think there's a glitch in the material file. It defines a bump map instead of a normal map. My edited file looks like this:

# MakeHuman Material definition

name m_swimming_trunks_01

// Color shading attributes
diffuseColor 1 1 1
specularColor 0.1575 0.1575 0.1575
shininess 0.1961
opacity 1

// Textures and properties
diffuseTexture m_swimming_trunks_01.png
normalmapTexture m_swimming_trunks_01_nrm.png
specularTexture m_swimming_trunks_01_spec.png

// Shader programme
shader data/shaders/glsl/phong

// Configure built-in shader defines
shaderConfig diffuse true
shaderConfig bump false
shaderConfig normal true
shaderConfig displacement false
shaderConfig spec true
shaderConfig vertexColors false

Don't get confused by the file names. I changed them to be lowercase only, but this is just my convention on a linux system.


I'm trying to improve my technique so the clothes and other stuff can be as usable as possible.
It seems that MakeClothes register the normal map as bump so in the future I must change manually.
When I export/import the clothes back in Blender with MHX2 only the diffuse texture gets imported.
I work in Blender Cycles and are not particular familiar with Blender Render material settings so I just throw something together.

Your normal map will get

Your normal map will get exported to Blender (MHX2) if you edit the mhmat file. Replace "bumpTexture" with "normalmapTexture" and your material including the normal map shows up in Cycles. Seems to be a MakeClothes bug.


for the help with normal map import. I will change the .mhmat in future clothing.