Low mini-skirt


The texture here is from actual fabric. Note that the inside is textured as well as the outside--and that you won't be able to hide faces in MH. UPDATE: I've adjusted the vertex groups on the human proxy, and the waist and hem now work for all ages and genders (except babies). UPDATE 2: It looks like, in the last update, I screwed things up by re-uploading some of the files but not others. It's fixed now. UPDATE 3: Added edges between the front and back faces of the skirt, to prevent them from separating when a cloth modifier is used. UPDATE 4: Uploaded an mhclo with corrected license and homepage. UPDATE 5: Added tags to the MHCLO file, and moved the alternate texture to the "Materials" section.


CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





MHCLO file: 

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From the description it seems

From the description it seems this model has been updated, and this might have been after the last export to github. Maybe you could try downloading the files manually from the post here instead and see if it works better?

There's no guarrantee the

There's no guarrantee the author reads these comments. You're better off sending a PM on the forums if you want to ask him something. 

The username should be the same.


Very Grateful for your hard

Very Grateful for your hard work :)
Nice job building this skirt.

Fixe subject

you mean that is better adjustement or fit with models, yes it's good with stretch slider but with target that don't react so much. In other word, when you make model with *fixe VGroup your own morphing 'target' are cancelling, I don't know why...