Long Fingernails Blue Butterfly

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These are long fingernails with blue butterfly nail art. Four additional materials can be found in the Materials section of User Contributed Assets. I have included a spec map so the tops are shiny and the undersides dull, like natural or sculptured nails usually are. Each nail is 100 faces, so they look best with a subdivision surface of two or three. I have updated the mhclo and obj files so the fingernails should work on both hands now.




CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional specular (glossy) texture: 

Optional illustration: 


Nice, however...

Only the left hand works. The nails for the right hand appear warped and detached.


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As soon as I saw lovesickleviathan's comment, I knew what happened: I assigned the vertex groups before I applied the mirror modifier, and it was supposed to be the other way 'round.

I have fixed it and updated the mhclo and obj files above.

Awesome Work!

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Thank you for the wonderful nails, I was going to make comment they were floating in space,... but you have beaten me to the fix. They look great! Uploaded them into opensim and they move in there well also :D


C:\Users\111\Desktop\MakeHuman1.1.1\makehuman-1.1.1-win32 (1)\data\clothes\longfingernails_bluebutterfly