[LINGERIE] Stockings White Fishnet Large

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<<Tip>>: the stockings come in 6 different variations. For a better overview you can make it changeable under the Material Tab instead of Clothes. Create therefore just one folder under ../v1/data/clothes/, name it for example stockings_fishnet and copy all files of one variation into it. Take for example stockings_fishnet_large as the main files. Rename them to stockings_fishnet and edit the .mhclo file to match the new names. E.g. rename stockings_fishnet_large.obj to stockings_fishnet.obj, rename stockings_fishnet_large.mhmat to stockings_fishnet.mhmat etc. Change the new names within the .mhclo files too. [IMPORTANT: DO NOT RENAME THE .PNG FILE, unless you're willing to edit its name within the .mhmat file too] Create then a subfolder named “materials” and within it create 5 additional subfolders, named after your choice. For example: stockings_fishnet_medium, stockings_fishnet_small etc. Now copy only three files of each version, the .mhmat, the .thumb and the .png into the appropriate subfolder. For example copy stockings_fishnet_medium.mhmat, stockings_fishnet_medium.thumb and stockings_fishnet_medium.png into the stockings_fishnet_medium subfolder, delete the .mhclo and the .obj file. And now the important part, rename the .mhmat and the .thumb file to match the name in the main folder, so that the main .mhclo file could find it, in this case rename it to stockings_fishnet.mhmat and stockings_fishnet.thumb, again, leave the .png file (unless you're willing to edit it's name within the .mhmat file). Do the same procedure with all 5 subfolders and voila your 6 different stockings appear properly under the Material Tab as Stockings fishnet.<</Tip>>


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Diffuse texture errors

Noticed the clean up from your first upload but you still can see the UVmap if you still have your source files hope that you used layers if so turn off the visibility of the UVmap layer before export as a .png