Ladies Sunglass1 by Elv

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A sunglasses accessory for Makehuman female models.




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original color disappears

I do not understand why Elvs Male Trilby Hat and Ladies Sunglass1 by Elv, become white after download. Is there a specific procedure for keeping the original colors? Thank you in advance for your response.

original color disappears

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I can only guess that the mhmat file did not get installed in the same file with object and texture, make sure all files required are in fact in the folder and give it another go please. Works on my end :)

original color disappears

Thank you for your fast answer. I verified, again quite deleted and registered all the links in the same file, but clothes remain white. I understand all the less since I have already downloaded several of your assets (for example Elvs Tophat1 or Elvs BASIC Felt Elf Shoes), who work perfectly. It's a pity because I appreciate your work a lot but thank you anyway.

No Color

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I'd like to hear from others if this asset is causing troubles with them, as I have had trouble in the process where you choose material in blender causing bug in makehuman before :( though this one seems to work for me :S. Out of curiosity did you try to use the material editor and make a new mhmat file of your own through those channels?

No color

As you recommended it to me (if I understood well, because my English is not very good) I have create a sub-directory " materials " in the file data\clothes\Ladies Sunglass1 by Elv, without an improvement. On the contrary, glasses become totally opaque with a sort of logo above... Thank you anyway of your attention.


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are the words that you see in logo form reading texture with orange and yellow construction lines included? This means the texture is not available or the litsphere pointed to in mhmat file is not there. Also, no I did not desire that you do the material file however this is a simple organization that should not alter anything in any real way if you try the following advice : Ensure the plugin for makehuman called Material Editor is in fact installed and enabled. Go to tab Utilities in makehuman and select material editor from that tab list. On left choose *litsphere* on right make sure the litsphere called for in mhmat file is in fact there as an orb. Ensure that the diffuse texture called for in the mhmat fie is in fact there as a square box on right side under the litsphere ball. If not select the files from their locations(where you placed them) by clicking the* ...* and choosing the images required and scroll down right side of makehuman material editor for *save* and save a new mhmat file of your own that the program should now be able to safely recall upon reloading. I hope this helps buddy, Im sorry this is giving you so much troubles.

White color

Thank you again for taking time for all these explanations. I tried to follow your advice, but in the materials tab, I do not have "litsphere", and therefore not the possibility to intervene at this level. I'm wondering if it's not because I downloaded Makehuman's "no shader" version, because I have an intel graphics card that does not allow me to render properly without it. On the other hand, I have already downloaded many assets without encountering this problem (white color). I do not know what to think anymore. And you (if you have the time), what do you think? Thank you in advance for your response, and your patience!


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Allo Flute, check your inbox buddy!

Still white

I downloaded the mhmat files that you sent me and installed them in data \ textures, and deleted those already installed in data \ clothes \ ... Result: the glasses are still white, and now completely opaque but without logo . The hat is also totally white but without logo. In the material tab, on the right side of the screen there is nothing left. Here. Thank you in any case for your responsiveness.

Small progress

Thanks to your advice and others found on the forum, I managed
to get the right texture for Ladies Sunglass1 by doing this:
installed the material editor plugin
utility - material editor - right diffuse texture - ...
browse and open
then save down by replacing the mhmat.
It works for Ladies Sunglass1 but not for Elvs Male Trilby Hat. Is there a manipulation that I would have forgotten?
Thanks again and have a nice day.

Eureka !

I found ! For Elvs Male Trilby Hat, for which I could not have the color, I reported all the values ​​of the editor of Ladies Sunglass1 by Elv materials in the tables on the right of the Elvs Male Trilby Hat materials editor: and it is by modifying the value of the "specular shininess" and recording it that I managed to obtain the good color. Oufff ... I will not bother you anymore (for now). Friendships.


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yer good buddy, glad to hear you found a solution!