Jeans skirt


A short and detailed jeansskirt for female characters. It fits to the tube top, I was also successful now that it also works with string 2 and the v-neck top, but depending on your character you might have to correct some vertices in Blender. No delete-groups are used. I supplied a normal map. As a material I tried a combination of normal-map and diffuse-texture which works in MH itself. So I took the leather litsphere. When you export it to Blender the litsphere does not matter, because the materials and textures are added as always. If you are using the normal map, change the material like in the forum gallery / Viola tricolor hortensis ... a co-production, otherwise the inside will be black when you use cycles. You may also change the button in front to a glossy material.




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large hips

Nice for texture and look but shape fit like a barrel arround hips...

barrel hips :)

I change the form a bit. But e.g. String 4 should be placed under the Skirt without peeking through. Furthermore there will be a spaghetti-strap t-shirt in future, which should "end" inside the skirt. You wrote a lot of comments ... now we all wait for cool renders in the forum to see the results ;)

Thank's for that, yes I now

Thank's for that, yes I now have to make scene from all of this. I'm going to post in the forum for some personnal stuff that I bring in assets.

I was also not satisfied ...

I was also not satisfied, so I reworked the "top border" and changed this damned things until it fits under the v-neck top and the string 2 does not peek through. Not to wear something under the skirt is not a good idea in our times, since 1968 and flower power is over as far as I know :)