Hairstyle Curly (alpha 7 adaptation)


This is an adaptation of curly hairstyle (MH alpha 7 version). The licence was GPL, but author was set to unknown. So I consider it CC BY, but the author is the MH team. The adaptation was no rocket science. I changed the texture a bit, so that the hairline looks slightly better. The example picture is from MH and shows the black material on my 'Evi' character.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution


Hair (scalp hair)



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Normal face

Love it !
There is lot of density strand but transparency work for it and Smooth make the volume better.
But you could see that the left part normal face are inverted !

mirror ...

Yes, I guess it was mirrored (and that inverts the faces in Blender). I didn't change that, because it was only a conversion from alpha7 to MH 1.1, so my work was moving it around until it fits to the head. The inverted faces but also the dark backside of the faces were the reason, why I'm using the litsphere (try 'none' in MH and it looks weird ...). When you take the blond version the problem becomes even worse ;-) In blender this should not be a problem.