Glasses (modern form)


A forum member wants me to make glasses. I choose a current model, which is available from a vendor mainly creating sport-glasses. It was not simple to do it, because of only quads and the fitting of the vertex-groups to the character. I hope I've done it correctly. For all of those you, who like to have the blend file with more functionality I will also upload the file including a small tutorial. For the materials I added a diffuse-texture and a setup with backface-culling off and transparency on, so that MH will display something (and will not delete the hair when you look through the glasses).




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MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional illustration: 


these work really well

can you share screenshots of the verts in each vertex group? I'm having difficulty creating rigid objects attached to the head and as a visual learner i that would be super duper helpful. thanks for sharing great work

very simple procedure

I created a group *glasses for the glasses AND the human, then I assigned all vertices of the glasses to this group (no left, right, mid-group is used and no "create vertex on selection"). After that I assigned exactly 3 vertices of the human to the group. One above the left ear, second on the other side (symmetrically) and one above the nose directly between the eyes. If you really only select 3 vertices and makeclothes fails with a weird error message (I had this a few times) change one vertex to a neighbour-vertex.

good job

Very good job, not deforming so congratulation !

Perfect !

Perfect !