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Glases Library Female all my files in :!342&authkey=!AJyHfUxNmFgt3d4&ithint=folder%2czip Known issue: Eyes and double transparency in front of it. Select the glasses after changing eyes. and the Glasses does not work with expretions (I am not able to remove the wages in clothes as I know)


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Small problem

Thank You very much for nice glases but there is small problem wit them, when you using facial expresions they deform the mesh (was trying with "sceptical 01") anyway thank You very once again and please keep posting !



In blender: To stop the

In blender: To stop the glasses from deforming with expressions, simply delete the "armature" modifier from the mesh. If you intend to move the head around after doing this, you might also want to clear parent (on the glasses) and then instead use the head bone as parent. 

There's probably no way around the deforming with expressions inside MH though.

rigid object

I re-clothed it as rigid object. I tried several vertex groups for that, and the least problems i got when i take the vertices that makecloth proposes me if i examine the boundary of the eyes. Downside: the arms of the glasses will most likely not fit (but that is easy to fix in edit mode), and one should not have unsymmetrical eyes.
This way the glasses look as they should in MH most of the cases, but luckily we got the very useful hint from Joel now (see above).

Too Dark

The glasses look like sunglasses in Blender because they are so dark you can't see the eyes, even though everything else in the scene is lit up properly.

Too Dark

Issue is not reproducible, neither in Blender internal, nor in Cycles. Tested with Blender 2.76b and MHX2.


Not reproducible by you, you mean. Try increasing the angle of incidence and you'll see what I'm talking about....



Credits To You

Useful and necessary for some characters. Good job! :)