Fingernails female natural




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V0rT3X's picture

I can't imagine any of my female avatars without your finger- and toe nails. It's always the first thing I assign to a newly created bare model.

Doesn't work

Strange but this mesh (or how it's called) doesn't work for me. I made a folder in the 'clothes' directory, downloaded all the files to it and it appears in the menu, yet when I select it nothing happens. See
Just to make it clear: name is not a mistake, I renamed all the files alike the folder - fingernails natural, so they match. There should be some other reason..

Opacity in the MHMAT file

Wow, been along time. If I remember correctly going into wireframe view will show the nails are actually there. I think it is that the opacity in the MHMAT file is set to ZERO, it should be ONE. At least I think that was what got it working. Careful, you must edit and save in plain text. Notepad worked in Windows, though I might have had to open in Wordpad and save so not in one long string.

If that doesn't do it, make sure the filenames all match in the MHCLO, OBJ, and MHMAT files