Female Pubic Hair Brazilian One

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By popular demand! Here is generic female pubic hair, created using Blender dupliverts. It's a set of hair mesh objects, so you will need to use a 3d mesh app like Blender / Maya / Modo to fine-tune the design. Should work for any adult female.


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Just what i suggested on forums.

Nice job on making this one. However, i think you should rename it to: French Female pubic hair, because its French style. If i am right, brasilian is no pubic hair at all.

Good start on something that's been missing...

It's a nice start, but there are some issues with it.

First, it doesn't work on the default settings for the vagina. Most of the hairs are hidden below the skin and are not visible. You have to make drastic adjustments to the size and shape of the vagina using those targets contributed by frankyaye, some of which severely distort the model in the groin area.

Second, the hair above the vagina is not connected to the hairs below and so it appears as a separate patch on the lower belly that looks like a misplaced beard. It would probably be better if there were an option to remove that part, perhaps by creating a target? The other thing about that patch which really upsets the whole attempt at this is that all the hairs are in straight rows and perfectly aligned as if they were made on a sewing machine. They should each be curly and twisted randomly.

A+ for the effort to make this, as it was something badly needed, but honestly, I have to rate it low until it is improved otherwise nobody would bother to try to improve it if this were rated too high. I'll change my rating for it to a higher score if/when it is improved :)