Female Fingernails


Not really clothing, but additional geometry like eyebrows. Use subdivision modifier in Blender. Important: Use same subdivision level on body and fingernails. Works with base mesh, female generic, female muscle 13442 and adult female genitalia. Normal map needs improvement. Update 22.08.2015: Material file updated. Fingernails were too shiny.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

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Great Idea!

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That's what my female students were asking for when they tried Makehuman in 2010.  They wanted to be able change hairstyles, makeup and manicures.

looks nice

Looks good, would like to use, but the mhmat file could not be found.

Seems something went wrong

Seems something went wrong with an edit. I've fixed this manually server-side now, so try again.

Fixed now

Whatever you did restored the file. Thank you

Changed category

Since I've now created a new view with body extensions, I took the liberty of changing the category of this asset to "nails".