F Dress 08


Tags: Female, Elegant. A dress, my own design, made of structured fine knitted fabric. It is very simple and low poly but is prepared for, and look best with, at least one level of subsurf. I use the slot for displacement for the metal mask texture. In Blender use the Solidify modifier with thickness about 3mm, fill rim and only rim to give the fabric some thickness. The preview image is rendered in Blender Cycles and I used proportional edit and sculpt to adjust the dress to fit the character and pose. The Blender 2.79 material I use can be downloaded here: http://www.makehumancommunity.org/content/f_dress_08_blender_cycles.html




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional specular (glossy) texture: 

Optional displacement texture: 

Optional illustration: 



Thank You very much I am speechless, all this dresses are amazing! Can you please post shoes too ?

Thank you!

I hope the dresses are useful. It was long time I heard from you, happy you still around :-)

The shoes is a gift, special made to fit this character and not adapted to MakeHuman. I have thought of, someday, uploading some of my not MakeHuman assets to Blend Swap and these shoes maybe.


Nice design, color and shape! Impressive!