F Dress 02


Tags: Female, Casual. A simple summer dress. Hard to make loose fitting clothes especially at the chest, at least with my knowledge so far. The seams at the back above the shoulder blades will be deformed when subsurfed without extra edgeloops. If you use Blender, use the Sculpt Mode with Clay and Smooth brush at low strength to adjust deformation and fitness. Updated 2017-07-15 Better deformations than the previous version, especially the skirt part.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





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I do the folds by preparing an image in Photoshop from a real photo, (my own of course), sometimes I paint by hand, no sculpting at all. Then I bake from a hires mesh with displace modifier. In some cases I use the cloth simulation.

next my models will test your clothes for sure ...

I'm busy uploading and changing my own files ... so until I've not much time to try out other assets. I was looking for a summer dress. Your clothes are very good, especially the usage of normal-maps. I guess that's something, I've to do some exercises for my clothing. I will try your clothes on my girls. Don't worry about the chest fitting. Your fitting in chest area is much better than mine.