F Beach Dress 01


Tags: Female, Casual, Swimwear. I have deliberately choosen to put the F Bikini 01 under the beach dress. Some parts of the mesh may be ugly deformed. I have not made any effort in the material settings.


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Mindfront strikes again.

Mindfront strikes again. Detailed and good texture work.

Tip on correcting ugly deformation.

After import in Blender, tweak the clothing with the sculpt tool, the clay and smooth brush with low strength to get rid of eventually ugly deformation and make the final fitness.

so after one year ...

So after one year of being in this forum (1 year and 3 hours was the comment of MH), I decided to take your beach dress, because I was too lazy to build my own one ;-)

One hint for presenting it in MakeHuman: switch transparent on in the material editor and use a litsphere instead of phong shading after you added the values for ambient, specular and diffuse. That looks better but did not harm Blender. If you also have problems with vertices between the legs (deformation) you can avoid it by deleting some of the mid, left or right vertices in the crotch area of the dummy normally. 5 Stars for the clothes ... and 37 mbyte of textures for my system :-)

Thank you!!! When I use your

Thank you!!! When I use your suggested MakeHuman material shading the clothes looks more like they should inside MakeHuman viewport, with normal map and transparent and color. It makes it more pleasant when dressing my characters.