Elvs Toon Stylized Ponytail1

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A cartoonish stylized ponytail for makehuman female models aimed at anime or toon characters.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution


Hair (scalp hair)



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It's very interesting !
The structure look different than BL one, what software do you use for it ?

Very well done !


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The simple answer is I make it in blender lol! The long winded response is the individual elements are the result of prim sculpting. You will notice the shapes are all the same as one another in that this hair for instance has several shapes making up a whole in a repetitive pattern. Sculpted prims are something I have worked with for years in opensim, (it works like a live action open world version of blender in prim orientation in opensim), and have learned how to import/export in blender and manipulate and arrange for creation. The actual prims I create sculp maps for in gimp(which has tools for just this-bonus),and import with scripts to blender. Once created I archive the prim for later use; and when I have a grouping of prims that look good together I arrange them on a scalp cap in blender. If the script creates a prim that has mixed quads and tris I will sometimes clean this up in meshlab as it has very good quick tools for this. I have many such of these however they look ...poor generally in makehuman due to image mapping issues on my end-thus my usage of the toon setup here.