Elvs Scruffy Beard1

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A facial hair for makehuman male models, long scruffy style with mustache. Quad model, lower poly. One texture included, light honey brown.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution


Facial hair (beard, moustache...)



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Mustache height

Hello and good year!),
There is a small problem with this asset (which is very interesting), it is that the mustache is much too low: it is located in the middle of the mouth, at the height of the teeth if the mouth is open. The beard is also low, but you can play with the length of the chin; for the mustache, it is more difficult. Is there anything you can do to fix this? Thank you in advance.

ty flute

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Greetings Flute, sorry for late reply, I went ahead and re uploaded this model, I hope it works with facial movement better now! ty for heads up :D

Perfect !

It's perfect now! Thank you so much.