Elvs Hazel Hair

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A hair for makehuman female models in a long straight carefree style. Tri mesh. One texture setup included.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution


Hair (scalp hair)



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Loading Issue

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I cannot get this hair to load in MH1.1.1 on Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 LTE. Looking at the MHCLO and MHMAT files. I could not figure out the problem. Perhaps you could help me sort it out...


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Greetings, I fixed the pole count on this-however the tri meshes always need pole count doubled to load in old makehuman, the support for 1.1 has ended. You may consider upgrading to 1.2 going forward if possible ;D.

Asset Compatibility

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I am grateful for your quick action and speedy solution. The pole count issue is evident ob Keylth Hair and a couple of the dresses, too. Your assets are among the best here, so I am always anxious to give them a go when they show up on the recent changes page here at the Community.

As for MH1.2.0, I have that running on another machine, but there are issues yet to be resolved. Nothing major, just the expected compatibility between the new and old systems. As I learn more, there is hope that these snags can be ironed out.

Tanks again and keep up the fine work.

Download ok

In any case, you did something to make it work with 1.1.1. because it downloads wonderfully. Thank you very much, this hairstyle is stunning.

Fantastic hair!

Great job,thanks.

The hair

I cannot get the hair to load properly in the Windows version of this. It comes out in a variety of different colours, such as different shades of brown and at the tops black and white. Please help if you can.

not sure tbh

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I would need some more information to understand what is going wrong? I personally use windows 10 and have most recent version of mh. This loads with no issue for me and on old mh also! However this kinda sounds like texture not found error possibly based on colors on hair, can you tell if this is the case? if so the mhmat for some reason on your system cannot find the texture to load it mh side for you. Jump into the material editor and find the texture manually-if this shows the hair as it should appear this is the case and you can save the new mhmat in editor. I would reccomend this as noone else has stated the mh version cannot read the mhmat file for this hair. Gl and if you need more advice feel free to comment here again or message me in forums.

No Triangles, please.

Is there any chance you can post or link to a version of this asset that HASN'T been divided into tris?

Blender hates triangles. Tris make Blender shading go wonky and they wreak havoc with procedural modifiers like Subdivision Surface.

User "Anertis" commented that he is having trouble with shading. It is my guess that it has to do with triangles.

Blender, behind the scenes, seems to try to divide faces into Tris according to its own algorithms. When you divide a mesh into Tris, Blender doesn't know what to do. It is almost always better to let Blender divide things into Tris according to its own sensibilities and only use Tris when needed.

Your MakeHuman assets are among the best available anywhere.
Whenever I see the name "Elvaerwyn" on an upload, I know it's something good.

It is really tedious to sit and manually re-edit every mesh so that it doesn't have triangular faces, anymore.

Shared by request

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This is an older build of mine and as such it is what it is at present. I uploaded it as per request when someone liked it in one of my renders. It was made in tris in blender not altered to be tris, I build in tris a lot. I have no such issues with blender liking my meshes. Perhaps I will remake this in quads some day, I work with a slightly different approach now and as such making the hair in a quad mesh can be just as natural as tri mesh. Ty for your compliments.

Blender "shouldn't" have

Blender "shouldn't" have trouble with Tris but it does.

How many game engines, today, prefer meshes with Tris? All of the good ones that I have heard of. Right?

It's kind of silly for Blender to behave like that but, for free software, what can you do? Learning to program and fixing it yourself is about the only realistic way. Who would actually take the time to virtually "rewire" the whole thing from the ground up?

I can program a little bit but not well enough to do something like that. Not by a long shot!

I have worked on the mesh and I got rid of all the Tris but, now I have to work on remaking the UV-Map to match the new mesh but it's time consuming and it's easy to get frustrated and lose interest.

If I do get the thing working to my liking... and, hopefully, yours... I'll send up a flare. Maybe [you - I - we] can post it as an alternate version.

Let me say thanks for all the hard work you do to make great models and assets for MH!

Your stuff is really good and I only wish that I had the patience to make stuff that is as good! :)