Elf Warrior


Elf Warrior clothes made for average male.. I have added an Anisotropic texture for the Metal parts under optional displacement texture as the realistic metal look can only be achieved in blender if you select the vertices in edit mode and set that material to anisotropic then plug in the anisotropic texture as color. if you dont do this then you will have matte white texture. EDIT: I Re-exported this and all seems to be working now.


CC0 - Creative Commons Zero





MHCLO file: 

OBJ file: 

MHMAT file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

Optional specular (glossy) texture: 

Optional displacement texture: 

Optional illustration: 


does not work

missing thumb...textures not work:(

Wrong line endings in mhmat file

It seems some of the line endings have gone missing in the mhmat file, so all the texture directives have ended up on the same line. This likely causes a parse error in makehuman.

It's possible the line endings are mixed too, since the base mhmat is generated with unix line ending and a text editor might add dos or mac line endings. 

Maybe you could edit it manually using a text editor and reupload it? 

(the material is gorgeous otherwise)

Texture issues

OK I have changed the files to the corrected versions thanks to MTKnife for that..

Not all of the garment is visible

Garment is one-sided, so from the front view the lower portions are invisible, which makes it kind of scattered and broken up. Couldn't you have made the garment double sided like the "low mini skirt" that MTKnife uploaded a while ago? Otherwise it looks like it would have been a great piece of work :)

It only works like that in mh

It only works like that in mh though. As soon as you export it into blender it looks fine from all angles.

missing file

It say it misses elfnew.npz and the texture doesn't load properly

the first time you load it it

the first time you load it it has to create the .npz file it's just a warning and as the description states the texture has to be edited in blender for the metallic aspects to work.