Denim Jacket


This jacket should fit to the tight jeans, short jeans, sleeveless crop top, tube top and spaghetti strap tank top nerely without changing topology. Delete groups are used and a normal-map is added. All buttons are put on rigid vertex groups. Best way to use the material in Blender: duplicate it and use a less glossy version for the fabric (e.g. connect input color of glossy shader to output of diffuse texture, you can also delete the fresnel and use a fixed value instead), use the glossy version for the buttons (set roughness of glossy shader to a low value). The demo picture was created this way.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





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You're a champion

You're the champion of the Denim, you know that Nimes is not far from my town ?

do we need French fashion?

Nimes in France? Well you should create clothes instead of me, France is the nation which "invented" fashion. People in France have more style than I could ever have ... ;-)

(Oops, I just noticed that my "French Lingerie" is derived from a British(!) vendor carrying a French name, I guess I have to repeat the lesson and do a real French one in future :-))))))