bandeau bikini (slip)


This part of the Bikini should be combined with the bandeau bikini (bra). A few elements of the slip are placed on special vertex-groups, so that these are not distorted, but it is possible that these elements look like loose geometry. After importings these elements to blender change the material of the small 'pyramids' to brass. Delete-groups are used. As a material I tried a combination of normal-map and diffuse-texture which works in MH itself. So I took the leather litsphere. When you export it to blender the litsphere does not matter, because the materials and textures are added as always.




CC-BY - Creative Commons Attribution





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OMG You are so fast

Thank You very much! You made this great assets faster than I am even able to test them ;)

Great Work

I like it. I will test this later.

the wardrobe of my girls is nearly empty ...

Even if it seems, that I'm very fast: I'm only changing and uploading all the assets I've done in a year - for this one I re-created the small metal pyramids and add a normal map and the delete-groups. On the thumbnail, the pyramids are still missing, but I was too lazy to create new thumbnails also ...

A few assets will still follow, but it is not much left in the wardrobe of my models :)