Armored Corset (Wonder Woman)


I tried to create the corset (or corsage) of Wonder Woman using film posters, images of collectible figures etc. So textures and normalmaps are made manually. Delete groups are used, a special rigid group is used at the backside. If you enlarge the cup size too much, the corsage will look funny. To get the same metallic effect, connect the color input of the glossy shader to the output of the texture, reduce roughness to 0.1, delete fresnel and use a fixed value of e.g. 0.7 for the diffuse/glossy mix node. The transparent node is not used. You can also duplicate the material and use a more diffuse mix for the lower leather stripes and the underwear part. The demo picture is created this way.




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Would you be gladdened or

Would you be gladdened or offended for help on English names of some of your assets?

different meanings

a corsage is also "a small bouquet of flowers worn on a woman's dress or worn around her wrist on a formal occasion" (wiki) in English language, I just learned. Normally I try to figure out the names from fashion-pages. But ask me about a piece cloth in my native language, even there I'm not always able to find the right term ... I've no problem, if somebody sends a PM, so that I can correct my English. Btw.: In the case of corsage/corset I am too lazy to rename (re-upload) all files ...

Re: different meanings

I'll go over them when I get a chance, maybe tonight, and send you a PM. And I don't think it's important to change filenames: the important thing is the title in the interface, since an accurate name there makes it much easier to find the items you need.

By no means are your items the only ones with awkward names: there are a lot of non-native English-speakers here, and, as you say, most people don't know many of these terms even in their own languages.

new diffuse texture

I changed diffuse texture and normal map. I didn't like the blue leather parts of the corset and uploaded the textures again.