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These notes are under construction and may be incomplete

"MakeHuman Community 1.2.0" is a major update of the underlying code, where the focus has been to replace outdated dependencies and modernize the system. Further, a shift in focus has been made to make MakeHuman an integrated part in a larger community that provides integrated access to third party assets and extended functionality.

The following are the changes since version 1.1.1.


  • The codebase has received a major overhaul to make bring it up to date with modern versions of Python and Qt
  • Third party assets can be downloaded from within MakeHuman with a simple point and click procedure
  • There is a completely new Blender integration (socket transfer)
  • Improved internationalization support for non-ASCII characters (backported?)
  • ... (Aranuvir: can you add a list of the new features you've written?)
  • Improved tag sorting capabilities
  • MHX2 is bundled in the default installation

Known issues

  • FBX skeleton will still misbehave
  • There are still graphics card incompatibilities in the OpenGL code


To be written

The upgraded codebase

Information about the upgrade and the new base requirements...

Asset downloader

To be written

New blender integration

To be written

Bundled functionality

MHX2, maybe more bundled materials...